pjur med Premium glide rated “very good“ in neurodermatitis test

Over a period of four weeks, 20 male and female atopic dermatitis patients used the pjur med Premium glide in a clinical-dermatological test. The participants all applied the product at least once a week on their intimate area.

The result is impressive: All participants confirmed that the skin friendliness of the glide was “very good.”

The participants of the test had atopic dermatitis without eczema and, going into the test, they all stated that they suffered from symptoms such as strong itches, reddening of the skin, scaling, dryness of the skin and severe pains, particularly during intercourse.

After day 21, all the test persons stated that they no longer suffered from any of their complaints and that the symptoms had improved 100%.

Our medical certification proves it - pjur med Premium glide helps problem skin and combats skin irritations, redness and itchiness, so that sexual intercourse can once again be a comfortable, sensual experience, without pain or burning.

For neurodermatitis in particular, it is important that skin can calm down, and also that the danger of infection associated with stressed skin is minimised.

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