W. N. Vance MBA, MPH

Specialist for Urology, Social medicine, Rehabilitation medicine,
Sexual medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Homoeopathy

On behalf of the pjur group Mr Vance carried out a study on “Lubrication Disorders”.
The study was based on a screening of a large number of various sources in the medical sector. The results showed that lubrication disorders can also afflict healthy women, and are very common during or after gynaecological tumour treatment. Lubrication disorders often occur after irradiation of the minor pelvis, they can also be a side effect of widespread diseases such as diabetes mellitus, and they often afflict women with neurological diseases. Vaginal dryness can also occur with internal or oncological ailments.

Many of these findings are discussed in our intimate adviser and have been further developed by health experts, who work closely together with pjur group. With this expertise we point out reasons and symptoms for vaginal dryness and offer solutions.

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