Impressive results for pjur lubricant in a clinical trial

A clinical trial carried out by the University of Melbourne and the Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia compared a silicone-based personal lubricant from pjur with a water-based personal lubricant from Astroglide. The aim of the study was to find out which of the two lubricants could provide more relief to breast cancer patients who experience discomfort during sexual intercourse. The silicone-based personal lubricant from pjur offered significantly more relief to patients in the trial than the water-based personal lubricant from Astroglide.

Vaginal dryness is a common side effect of cancer therapies. Thirty-eight female breast cancer patients took part in the trial. Ninety percent of these women experienced significant distress during sexual intercourse at the beginning of the trial. The participants used each of the personal lubricants for four weeks. The efficacy of the lubricant was an important factor when evaluating the results – in other words, whether and to what extent the respective personal lubricant helped to reduce discomfort. Acceptability was also evaluated for each product to determine whether the participants preferred one of the products and/or would continue to use them in future.

The trial found that the silicone-based pjur lubricant was much more effective at relieving pain than the water-based personal lubricant from Astroglide. Almost twice as many women said they would prefer to use the silicone-based over the water-based personal lubricant.

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