Women’s Health Concern Symposium in London

Wasserbillig, Luxembourg, NOVEMBER 2014. The Women's Health Concern Symposium was held in London on November 7, with pjur as one of the exhibitors. Numerous doctors from England made sure to attend the important event, which focused on various aspects of women’s health – before, during, and after menopause.

The pjur med products, with their natural and nature-identical ingredients, were greeted with widespread interest at the event: “The professional audience was excited about our lubricants. Over half of the physicians in attendance wanted to receive samples and brochures for their patients,” explains Katrin Kühnrich, Senior Coordinator in the pjur Sexual Health Care & Wellbeing Division. She attended the conference together with Maggie Walsh, pjur Sexual Healthcare & Wellbeing Division Consultant. Walsh has been working in the medical field for over 35 years, most recently as an expert on breast care and treatment of cancer patients, so she contributed valuable experience to the discussions.

The silicone-based pjur med Premium Glide generated particular enthusiasm as the special product to help with vaginal dryness. “It was a successful appearance for pjur across the board at the Women’s Health Concern Symposium, and we look forward to continuing our excellent working relationships with doctors, experts, and patients in England,” Katrin Kühnrich says.

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