Welcome to the world of pjur med!

The pjur med series (pronounced "pure") signifies advanced premium lifestyle-products with naturally sourced ingredients for the health conscious consumer. This product line offers you silicone-based lubricants without preservatives, suitable for highly sensitive skin/mucosa, and water-based lubricants enriched with naturally sourced and nature-identical substances that benefit sensitive mucous membranes and are suited for every skin type. A spray and serum for men that can reduce over-sensitivity, and products for intimate hygiene and care. 

A lubricant is a substance that helps to reduce friction. There are different intimate personal lubricants, but the idea is the same - they can be used to provide extra moisture to the intimate area of your body. pjur med formulas are hormone free, do not contain spermicidal substances and are compatible with latex-condoms. 

pjur med glides complement the natural lubrication of the vaginal mucosa to relieve vaginal dryness.

Find out which is best for you. 

Water-based Lubricants
The water-based pjur med series of intimate personal lubricants are made of naturally sourced and nature-identical substances and have superior claims to naturalness and compatibility. This means that all the products are as natural as possible. They are absorbed by the upper layers of the mucous membranes and provide gentle and even lubrication. Some water-based intimate personal lubricants are further enriched with natural additives that particularly benefit sensitive mucous membranes. The pjur med water-based formulations are suited for every skin type and for daily use.

Silicon-based Lubricants
We further developed our tried and accepted pjur silicone formulas to meet the needs of highly sensitive skin. Silicone-based intimate personal lubricants are not absorbed by the mucous membrane. The molecules of the silicone are larger than the pores of the skin and so stay on the surface of the vagina. They provide a long-lasting and smooth lubrication by maintaining respiration. They contain no preservatives, have excellent skin compatibility and are suitable for daily use. 

Sexual Health & Wellbeing

Intimate Hygiene & Care