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Countless health-conscious consumers around the world have already placed their trust in pjur med. Our personal lubricants and intimate hygiene products are suitable for highly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, gentle moisturising and for the symptomatic relief of vaginal dryness. This contributes both to a sense of sensual wellbeing as well as moisturising care for intimate areas.

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S. Herridge about pjur med Premium glide

I am 62 years old and have been suffering from burning, redness and discomfort in the vulval area...more...

C. Westwood about pjur med Premium glide

"Having worked as a Psychosexual Therapist for over 10 years, I am now getting very positive feedback...more...

Kay Kent about pjur med Premium glide

Kay Kent After I had Radiotherapy for vulval cancer in 2012 pjur med Premium glide was my godsend...more...

Marie Heath about pjur med

pjur med is so much better...more...

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