L. C. about pjur med Premium glide

"pjur Premium is the best lubricant I have ever tried.  Since the menopause, I have experienced painful sexual intercourse.  My vagina felt inflamed and sore. making it an unpleasant experience.  I have tried many lubricants but none have helped. I was about to give up on sex until my gynaecologist gave me a sample of pjur Sensitive.  Thank you because I can now continue with my sex life”

L.C., Großbritannien

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Annika Junk
Customer Service Coordinator

pjur group Luxembourg S.A.
87, esplanade de la Moselle
6637 Wasserbillig

phone: +352 74 8989 44
e-mail: annika@pjurmed.com

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Maggie Walsh

Consultant pjur Sexual Health & Wellbeing Division

phone: +44 7966 211 215
e-mail: maggie@pjurmed.com