Natural or nature-identical ingredients

Health-conscious consumers like to pay special attention to the ingredients contained in the products they use. And for good reason. It is especially important that products used in the sensitive genital area have a formula that is both highly gentle and friendly to the skin. This means that it is essential for these products to be dermatologically tested and approved. We at pjur guarantee this is true for all our pjur med products (pronounced "pure").

For our health-conscious consumers, we take considerable pride in offering high-quality formulas for our products. Our products contain only natural or nature-identical ingredients. But what does that mean exactly and what kind of ingredients are they?

Read the following to gain more insight into what makes our pjur med products so special. 

Why Use Silicones in Personal Lubricants?

Silicones are artificially produced chemical compounds which do not occur in nature. So why use them in personal lubricants, which are medical products which come into contact with some of the most intimate and sensitive areas of the body...more...

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