Natural Jojoba oil for the sensitive mucous membranes in the intimate area

More than what you'd expect from a conventional personal lubricant: not only does pjur® med SOFT Glide facilitate pain-free, fulfilling hours of togetherness, but it also meets the highest medical requirements. The concentrated formula with high-quality silicones was specially developed for dry and sensitive mucous membranes and is enhanced with jojoba oil.

The soothing and caring properties of jojoba oil can have positive effects on the sensitive mucous membranes in the genital area and improve the elasticity of the skin. A natural active ingredient, extracted from the seeds of the jojoba bush: the only plant species of the monotypic genus Simmondsia, which in turn is the only genus of the Simmondsiaceae family and Caryophyllales order.

In chemical terms, jojoba oil is a liquid wax, consisting of over 97 per cent liquid, long-chained wax esters with a chain length of between 38 and 44 carbon atoms, tocopherols and free sterols. The fatty acids contained within are not connected to each other by glycerin, but by a fatty alcohol. These long-chain esters are similar to those that exist alongside other compounds in the human sebum and they ensure that the jojoba can blend well with them. This forms a delicate lipid layer, which binds moisture into the skin without sealing it. 

The term "jojoba" was originally pronounced "ho-ho-ba", and originates from the language of the Tohono O'odham people: the descendants of two linguistically related, yet culturally different Native American tribes, who once lived in the Sonoran Desert in south-western Arizona (USA) and north-western Sonora (Mexico).

The multifaceted effects of the extracted oil on human skin are just as unique as the name and the plant itself: fewer wrinkles, increased suppleness and protection, improved elasticity, a smoother surface, a natural sun protection factor of three to four and much more besides.

An entire array of positive effects then, not least owing to the antioxidants provitamin A (beta carotene) and vitamin E   a physiologically beneficial composition of fatty acids - contained within, which explains why jojoba oil is also used in numerous cosmetic products, such as sunscreen.

For pjur med SOFT Glide, the soothing and caring properties of the silicone-based formula and the excellent, exceptionally long-lasting, gentle lubrication qualities are paramount. It ensures that sexuality can be enjoyed to the full, even in more mature years, with no worries about skin irritation or pain.

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