What does 'vegan' actually mean?

Something we're starting to hear a lot more often nowadays, both in the media and in our closer circles is: "I don't use animal products". Veganism has become a part of mainstream society. Currently, there are millions of vegans worldwide, and the number is growing. But what does veganism actually mean?

'Vegan' means sustainability and making the conscious decision to purchase and consume products that do not contain animal ingredients. People that pursue a vegan lifestyle want to take as little from the environment as possible, leaving more for animals, plants and our fellow human beings. Whatever is consumed is no longer available for others to live from. Being vegan no longer means merely abstaining from eating animal products; it represents living a more holistically aware lifestyle. An increasing number of consumers are becoming more conscious of using vegan products, including clothing, cleaning supplies and cosmetic products. The use of animal ingredients and animal testing in the manufacture and development of products goes against the principles of a vegan lifestyle. But adhering to this lifestyle consistently is not that easy.

A number of companies in the cosmetics industry have responded by developing products that do not contain animal ingredients and that are not tested on animals – the market for vegan products is growing steadily. Vegan means that the raw materials used are not derived from animals in any way and that no animal testing may be used.

Our pjur med VEGAN glide bears the internationally registered, globally recognised Vegan Trademark of the Vegan Society. The Vegan Trademark shows consumers that these products do not involve or contain animal-derived ingredients and have not involved animal testing.

The Vegan Society is a British organisation that has supported the steadily growing vegan target group since 1944. The 18,000 products and services that have already earned the UK organisation's seal mean that the Vegan Society has designated more products as vegan than any other organisation in the world. Many vegans trust the seal of the Vegan Society.

With the Vegan Trademark of the Vegan Society, yet another pjur product has earned a seal for its quality. pjur focuses precisely on quality – in all of its products.

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