Our customers about pjur med Premium:

"I love your products, especially the pjur med premium glide”
Paula, Senior Sexual Health Sister, Surrey, UK 

"Pjur Med Premium Lubricant is by far the best and most natural feeling lubricant that I have used. It offers the nearest to ones own natural lubricant (pre cum) without feeling greasy or synthetic. The lubricant also lasts long as only a small amount is needed to be effective so is also economical. It's like WD40 for your genitals.- Amazing!"
Sam, age 48, UK

"pjur Premium is the best lubricant I have ever tried.  Since the menopause, I have experienced painful sexual intercourse.  My vagina felt inflamed and sore. making it an unpleasant experience.  I have tried many lubricants but none have helped. I was about to give up on sex until my gynaecologist gave me a sample of pjur Sensitive.  Thank you because I can now continue with my sex life”
L.C., UK

Lisa McLean who attended the El Closet de Julieta for pjur med commented: “As before, some people pretended we did not exist as the topic was too embarrassing. Others had questions.  One woman arrived, very skeptical. She has very sensitive skin, and the last lubrication her doctor recommended to her gave her a rash that lasted for days. She took a sample of Premium to try out and arrived with a big smile the next day to buy a large bottle.”
Lisa McLean, Chile

"I am 62 years old and have been suffering from burning, redness and discomfort in the vulval area, I have seen the doctor and do not have an infection. He gave me oestrogen pessaries which made the condition worse. I have very sensitive skin generally and was wondering if I could use Premium glide on a daily basis. I have been using the Premium glide now every day for a week with no irritation at all. The skin has improved and redness and soreness have disappeared. I cannot recommend the product highly enough. I have also shown the product to my doctor and she has become very interested."
Sharon Herridge, UK

"My boyfriend and I are thrilled about the quality of your products, and you can consider us new regular customers. pjur med Premium is simply THE BEST! I suffer from atopic dermatitis, so there are very few lubricants I can use, but this one is just great. My boyfriend also has problems because his skin is dry and cracks easily. Your pjur med Premium also works wonders for him!"
Yvonne Müller, Germany

"Having worked as a Psychosexual Therapist for over 10 years, I am now getting very positive feedback from clients stating that pjur med is effective, long lasting and not sticky. There has been particular interest in using pjur med Premium glide. I am happy to continue recommending pjur as a product for clients needing a vaginal lubricant."
Carolyn Westwood, UK

"After I had radiotherapy for vulval cancer in 2012 pjur med Premium glide was my godsend.
I discovered the product at Ann Summers in the UK as recommended by the lovely manager. Although pjur med Premium glide is marketed for 'sexual wellbeing' I can personally recommend it as a lubricant for vaginal care after radiation therapy for vulval cancer. Just walking was awkward and painful, but a couple of drops applied after showering and my day was mine to do what I wanted and not confined on my side on a settee!

I still find it incredible that a product so simple to use with no fuss could change the predicted outlook of my life. Any woman who wants or needs to 'care' for her vagina, whether post-menopause (dryness), gynaecological surgery, radiotherapy or even after child birth, needs to have this product in her bathroom alongside any other toiletry used daily.
I'm fully recovered from my surgery and back at work and now living life to the full."
Kay Kent, Norwich age 63

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