Intimate Massage for Relaxation – If It’s Good for You, It’s Good

Intimate Massage for Relaxation – If It’s Good for You, It’s Good

Do you fancy doing something to spoil your partner? How about a massage? In our stressful day-to-day lives, giving your partner an intimate massage can give them the relaxation they need. It is essential to work off the stress we’re exposed to in our daily lives if we want to stay healthy. If you can spend some quality time together as a couple while you’re at it, you’re getting double the benefits. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips in this post for giving your partner a relaxing intimate massage.

Intimate massage – How to make it relaxing for both of you

Getting the preparation right for sensual massage

Not all techniques work well for an intimate massage, and people who think they can relieve tension using corresponding massage strokes are sometimes proved wrong. But with a few basic techniques, anyone can treat their partner to relaxing massage.

Before you start the massage, get your partner to lie down on a soft but firm surface and relax. Soft music playing in the background and a few candles will help create a pleasant atmosphere. You should also make sure that the temperature is comfortable – between 20 and 24 degrees is ideal for intimate massage. A pleasant temperature helps to further relax the muscles, which is conducive to a good massage.

To make the friction generated during massage more pleasant for your partner, it is vital to use a massage product. Unfortunately, many massage products leave the skin feeling unpleasantly sticky and then have to be wiped off after the intimate massage.

To avoid giving your partner a shock, warm the massage lotion in your hands first. Then you can apply it to the parts of the body you want to massage, using long, fluid movements. For tips on what movements work well, read on.

Intimate massage – How to make it relaxing for both of you

The right strokes and massage techniques

In principle, any part of the body can be massaged. That said, it is possible to get some things wrong when massaging your partner, especially in the back or neck area. The spine is another sensitive area. As a result, you need to be particularly careful when massaging these areas. Even so, the three basic approaches of stroking, applying pressure and kneading are important elements in an intimate massage. With stroking, you simply make gentle stroking movements over entire parts of the body. You can use the whole palm to do this or just the base of the thumb or the fingers. It can also be beneficial to apply pressure as part of a massage. Whether you use both hands one on top of the other, the base of the thumb or the knuckles – applying pressure can help to relieve tension. Apply pressure to specific areas of the body, moving your hands back and forth. A sensual massage can also include kneading the skin. The best way to do this is to knead the skin between your thumb and fingers. There are virtually no limits to what you can do here, as you can knead the back, chest, stomach and any other areas of the body.

All in all, it is important with all these massage techniques to tune into how your partner likes it. Some people may like vigorous kneading and being able to feel the pressure, while others may prefer more of a feather touch. The motto here should always be: if your partner likes it, anything goes 🙂

To illustrate a few examples of massage techniques for you, here are a few explained in more detail:

Getting the preparation right for sensual massage

  • Effleurage: Effleurage is a stroking technique usually used at the beginning and end of an intimate massage. It uses slow stroking movements to prepare the parts of the body to be massaged before the massage begins. Massage lotion can also be applied at the same time. Effleurage is a good way to end a massage as well. Light pressure can be applied here too, of course. It’s best to use the whole palm for this.
  • Petrissage: Petrissage is also known as kneading. As we have already mentioned, kneading is beneficial in massage as it can release tension. The best way to do this is to knead the tense area between your thumb and fingers.
  • Friction: Friction is another word for rubbing, and this rubbing technique can be performed directly on tense or stiff muscles. This can help to loosen knots and relieve stiffness.
  • Tapotement: The term tapotement means light percussion. The fingers, the edges of the hand and the palms can be used to drum on the body. This is particularly beneficial in promoting circulation in the muscles.

These are just a few suggestions for your next massage session with your partner. You know best which areas of the body your partner likes to be touched in. Give each other a massage. Once your partner has had the areas massaged that he or she wants, then your partner can give you a little pampering too. What happens after the massage is up to you and usually happens naturally. A sensual massage is not just a treat for your skin. It can also add a little spark to the relationship. And who knows, maybe partner massage will turn into an erotic massage.

Have fun and relax with your next intimate massage!

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