Vaginal Dryness Can Affect Women of Any Age

Vaginal Dryness Can Affect Women of Any Age

Vaginal dryness can be a silent problem, as women may feel embarrassed to talk about it with their friends or health care providers. The symptoms of vaginal dryness are often only associated with women in menopause. But that is actually far from the truth. 17% of all women between the ages of 18 and 50 suffer from vaginal dryness. There are a number of reasons for this.

Not only women in menopause – Why so many women suffer from vaginal dryness

The menopause is far from being the only reason for dryness in the genital area. The mini-pill hormonal contraception method can also cause vaginal dryness. In addition, women suffering from stress may also experience uncomfortable genital itching and burning sensations. Pregnancy is another trigger. In this case, female hormone levels can become erratic, causing the symptoms of vaginal dryness to arise, especially while breastfeeding or shortly after giving birth. Undergoing an operation on the uterus or ovaries, such as the removal of the ovaries, can cause women to experience these symptoms. A cancer diagnosis or radiation and chemotherapy can also lead to vaginal dryness. The following may also trigger vaginal dryness:

  • Hormone treatments with anti-oestrogens
  • Problems with the immune system
  • Excessive personal hygiene
  • Improper use of tampons

There are a number of other pre-menopausal factors that can also lead to vaginal dryness – regardless of a woman’s age.

The effects of vaginal dryness on a relationship

Vaginal dryness is a common problem for women throughout their lifetime, and especially after menopause.  It can, and often does lead to discomfort “down there” and painful sex.  It may feel as though your body has betrayed you as you experience pain where once you felt only the most wonderful pleasure. It’s easy to see how a cycle of avoidance could begin leading to loss of one of the most basic elements of joy and self-expression. Experiencing pain during foreplay or sex can lead to anticipation of further pain, not pleasure and enjoyment with your lover. Tension as we know, increases painful stimuli and so rather than being the wonderful, enjoyable expression of love that you once knew, sex becomes something to avoid or simply tolerate.

A Closer study in the US found that 58% of women surveyed who suffered from vaginal dryness reported that they avoided intimacy with their partner as a result. It’s not hard to see how this could lead to your lover feeling fearful that s/he is causing you pain or rejected and unloved, or both.

It’s important for women of all ages including those who are menopausal to feel vibrant and sexy, enjoying a healthy love life throughout their lifetime. Having a healthy and happy sex life has been shown to prolong life and create a sense of wellbeing.  The special connection that we share when enjoying love play with a partner releases Oxytocin – the hormone of love.

The effects of vaginal dryness on a relationship

Alleviating the symptoms of vaginal dryness

No woman should suffer in silence or simply accept the symptoms of vaginal dryness. There are ways to help relieve the discomfort. Personal lubricants for vaginal dryness are one way of counteracting low moisture levels in the vaginal area and helping to reduce the uncomfortable itching, burning and painful sensations experienced during intercourse. pjur med offers a selection of water-based and silicone-based personal lubricants for vaginal dryness. These products are dermatologically confirmed and extremely skin-friendly. Limiting the use of tampons could also prove helpful, as well as reducing excessive personal hygiene practices. Thanks to the lactic bacteria that protect vaginal flora from harmful bacteria, the genital area essentially cleans itself. Washing with pure water is enough for daily cleansing. Any body-wash used should be specially developed for the vaginal area. Although it may not seem entirely logical, having regular intercourse can also help prevent vaginal dryness. Women can use a personal lubricant for vaginal dryness to make this experience more enjoyable. Spending plenty of extra time on foreplay can also prove helpful in encouraging natural lubrication.

It’s important to pjur med for women not to suffer in silence. They are not alone in experiencing the symptoms of vaginal dryness, and should know that the menopause is not the only cause. When women become more aware of the causes of vaginal dryness and know what can be done to alleviate it, they can overcome this condition and start to enjoy their sexuality again. They can put an end to any unnecessary relationship problems it may have led to, as well as feelings of shame and other unpleasant circumstances.

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